Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stepping into the end of August

I am coming close to the end of Google Summer of Code and its been really an enriching experience for me, both as a developer and as a student. The code is already in review stages and it will take some time before it is in the trunk and finally in the product.

These days I am busy improving the code and getting feedback from a lot of people, especially Philipp. He's been busy with exams and still contributes fulltime to mozilla. Amazing. Seriously.

Anyways I have looking up bugzilla to find some bugs in the mozilla calendar arena which i can contribute to, but i cant seem to find many which I can help with. All of them require a deep deep understanding of the entire system which I unfortunately do not have. But yeah, maybe sometime in the near future I can start contributing as a much better open source developer.

So some more bug hunting going on these days. :)


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