Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fixing bugs and biting burgers

Hi all,

I am back in Singapore and its amazing how fast and efficiently Phillip Kewisch has been working all this while. I don't think he even thinks of holidaying in Germany. While I was travelling and settling into my new hostel in Singapore, he efficiently reviewed my offline-syncing code for GSoC 2011 and provided me with a number of feedbacks.

Among them the most important is to allow the user to distinguish whether the remote calendar is working at all. This is because under the current system, if the remote calendar is not working then the calendar entry will be pushed into the cache and will appear in the views by default. This is something I will have to discuss with Wolfgang and Ludovic. Apart from that a few styling issues and the patch should be ready to be applied onto the trunk.

The discussion is available here: Share testing issues and your experience with the patch.

And I just finished porting the refresh killer bug 502936 to the Lightning 1.0 trunk. It should be available in the 1.0 release. Its high time Lightning stopped having beta releases all the time.

And now I working to finish off last year's GSoC project to allow for stubs in Lightning for extensions.

Long nights ahead.


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