Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Feature Implemented: Handling of Server Errors


When we implemented the offline sync mechanism it occurred to us that the offline mechanism could be extended to a large number of situations and one of them is the situation where one can handle the server availability errors to a large extent.

Caldav Calendar code has been modified to allow for addition, modification and deletion of events during the case where a server is unavailable and a status message of 50x is received on the remote calendar request by lightning.

We assume that a human can't do anything about a server error, and we also assume that the server will be fixed. So this does not mean that the events u manipulate will sync remotely. They will however, sync, whenever the server comes back online.

you can find the binaries here and again these are purely for testing purposes and any bugs you can share with me via comments or mail me at: mohit.kanwal(AT)


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