Monday, June 20, 2011

And We are Getting There

Life's been pretty busy these days. Packing, Packing and only packing. Work on the offline feature is now edging closer and closer to testing phase. Bugs are being discovered everyday and fixed on a regular basis now.

The current state of the project allows a user to :-

  • Edit, Delete and Create events offline and sync them back online
  • Modify recurring events offline and sync them back online
  • Handlers to detect cases when syncing is not possible if network connection is severed.
  • Syncing the calendars on the loading
  • Same handling for the Todos as well
The next set of items I am working on are:-
  • Create a switching code that detects if additions, deletions etc are failing so that it can put the calendar in offline mode 
  • Reconcile these items whenever calendar can be reached.
The above 2 are not even present in Apple iCal so this gives me a feeling that I am doing something new. I have not looked inside the new Lion OSX so I can't say that they have implemented this already, but lets see how this feature works. 

PS: If anyone is interested in testing the offline syncing features, then drop me a comment and i will host the xpi files somewhere. Or if you guys have any ideas that you wish to see in the feature let me know. Your feedback would be really really valued and appreciated, and plus I wish to stress that many many things might break if you are using a test version of Offline sync, so please don't use it for the real events.



  1. What do plan to do if sync fails? Discard changes and reload (as currently done with alarms) might not be the thing you really want.

  2. Hi morty,
    I am looking for circumstances where sync would fail, but the good thing about using a cachedCalendar is that everything we need is stored in the sqlite database with flags, and so it does not gets overwritten by any getItems() call to the remote calendar.

    I had the option of using dialogs to see what the user wants in this case. but i am not really sure of it. You have ideas? Perhaps can shed more light on the subject. Looking forward to your feedback. =)