Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Great Plan

The Plan currently looks like this

So yeah this is the plan so far, Fallen and Ludovic have asked me to try and extend calCachedCalendar.js if possible because it would allow the providers to use the sync() functions for free without having to implement their own versions. 

So this is how I am going to approach the problem
  • Add a property in IChangeLog interface, which also for offline sync and also stores a ChangeLog file, the implementation would be provided by different providers, and it is to be seen if I can move this inside calCachedCalendar.js but it won't make sense.
  • Modify isCalendarWritable to see if the calendar can be synced offline which basically queries for IChangeLog and gets the offline sync property
  • Add implementation for storing the sync actions in a flat file, for the CalDAV provider
  • and implement a replayChangesOn -> generalized version to handle the two way sync
This week I will try to get the above set up done for at least the delete item method, coz its the easiest so far.

After that the second part would deal with the sync mechanisms and making it truly smart and worth having in the mozilla lightning trunk :-)

I guess I can say that I am quite confident of my understanding of the code in calUtils and calCachedCalendar


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