Saturday, May 21, 2011

Building Thunderbird + Calendar

Today I spent my entire time working with the building thunderbird and calendar together. I think I cleaned it about 3 times before I decided to backup my changes and update the directory from the start, that means, full clean-up. Everything deleted.

One of the important things I think is to keep updating the code on a daily basis so that you do not fall too behind the working set because it is for all these changes that the local code base falls behind and causes merging troubles.

I still not quite get the version systems CVS, HG, GIT, and others used by people, because it facilitates integration of code faster but it comes with its own set of headaches. Essentially, some body works on some part of the code at a single time, but I guess the versioning systems have their own advantages, especially git.

Long Night ahead, :-)



  1. Just wanted to say, thanks for doing this working on making google calendars available offline! I'll be thrilled to see it implemented, as it will significantly improve my workflow in areas with poor net connections (which is quite a few places I end of working in).

    Good luck!

  2. Hi CTenorman,

    Thanks :D (Somebody read my blog)I am also delighted to be working for open source !! Not only google calendars, but also a number of other providers will also be taken care of.